Teach Your Sons CAR Decal

Teach Your Sons CAR Decal

  • $4.00

DECAL ONLY Choose your color!  You can stick these decals to your car windows, notebooks, laptop, just about anywhere! WARNING: The HOLOGRAPHIC color works best on car windows only. The thicker vinyl does no adhere to notebooks and cups well without a sealer. We cannot be responsible for the decal transfer or the longevity of the decal. Please follow the instructions for the transfer! 

 Message me for additional sizing requests. 

If you put your decal on a glass, mug, tumbler, cups, or anything that needs to be washed, make sure to HAND WASH gently in warm water with mild soap. DO NOT MICROWAVE. DO NOT PUT IN THE DISHWASHER.

All of my decals can be removed safely. However they are NOT reusable. Once you peel it off, you will not be able to reapply it.

You will receive a backing paper, the vinyl & the transfer tape. Application instructions will be included with your order.


• Make sure the surface where you will apply the decal is smooth, clean and dry.
• Peel the backing from the clear transfer tape slowly to ensure you don't leave any letters behind on the backing.
• Place on the smooth/clean surface.
• Be sure to rub out with a credit card.
• It's best to rub from the center outwards to smooth and remove any bubbles.
• Peel off the clear transfer tape slowly.
• You're all set!