Custom Listing RESERVED FOR Caitlin

Custom Listing RESERVED FOR Caitlin

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a 20oz jack cup. Jack picture. (Just because I cannot see it, doesn't mean I can't believe it.),

Vader cup. 20 oz. Vader picture. (I find your lack of faith disturbing. )

a mushu coffee mug with mushu picture and the full quote attached via messenger.

20oz a forest cup, earthy look, trees are good (picture attached for quote)

20 oz Lord of the rings cup look similar to photo sent via messenger. Quote for lord of rings is "drink like DWARVES
Smoke like WIZZARDS
Sing like ELVES
And party like HOBBITS."

20 oz Dwarf cup with dwarf theme of some kind or picture "certainty of death. Small chance of success What are we waiting for?"