Healing Crystal Candle- Soy Wax

Healing Crystal Candle- Soy Wax

  • $12.00


Heal your mind, body, and spirit with our healing candles. This candle is soy wax, with tea tree oil. Herbs include, White oak Bark, Vervian, Elder Flower and Star Anise. Candles that are in the tins are topped with Agate, Lapis Lazul and Carbonate Jade. The pyramid and wax melts have the tiny stones inside. 

This candle also has a larger crystal inside the candle, so when the candle burns down, you get an awesome surprise!

The 4oz tins and wax melts do not have larger crystals inside. 

Clear your mind and only focus on healing when lighting these candles. Manifest that you are going to heal your mind, body or soul. 

Please do not leave lit candle unattended.

We like to return the herbs to the earth once we are done with the candles. Keeps the crystals close and don’t forget to charge them under the moon!