Spiritual Cleansing Bath

Spiritual Cleansing Bath

  • $9.50



Sometimes negative energy can have a build-up and leave you feeling drained. Having a bath can be a spiritual form of cleansing your aura, washing away a bad day or have some heavy energy you may feel that you have been carrying around. 

Take a spiritual bath and know that when all the water has disappeared down the drain, it has taken away the negativity you were holding onto and it’s a time for a new beginning.

Leave the herbs in the bag or spread them in the bath. You can also tie the bag to your shower head if you don’t have time for a bath. 

The spiritual bath includes pink Himalayan bath salt, chamomile, lavender, sage, and rose petals, with peppermint essential oil mixed in. There are tiny clear quartz crystals mixed in.

Each bag comes with TWO white tea light candles to light during your spiritual cleansing bath or shower.